Trump Just Launched 50+ Missiles at Syria

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Trump Just Launched 50+ Missiles at Syria

So much for Trump's empty rhetoric about not attacking unless attacked and leaving countries alone to determine their own leaders, as he is in the process of putting together a coalition to oust Assad.  He just showed us his true colors.  

Trump Orders Strikes Against Syrian Regime Airbase in Response to Chemical Attack

Story still developing....

Undated photo

The pictures of the aftermath shown very little or nothing at all. Trump stated he wanted to work with Russia.all the missiles got through without even being noticed

Trump stated he would help Russia defeat Isis in Syria.Trump stated he did not give Russia or Syria advanced notice,but our military did.Russia stated beforehand that they would intercept weapons that go against Assad.   This did not happen.Was this base as stated used by Isis?

Syria was given advanced warning of what was coming,just as Russia was.

What was recorded earlier was that base was hit and the gas was released,if this is the case,then if the attack happened,then wouldn't it had been against 


2014 Assad was said to have used gas on his own people,proven to be false.As the pic shows below,if indeed they were winning against Isis,why would Assad want more.intervention into his country when all they want is to be left alone?

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