Is Something Incredible on the Cusp?

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UFT Staff
Is Something Incredible on the Cusp?

Another important story the MSM doesn't want to cover.

Holy Cats !!  No-one is watching this intensely important stuff. It’s all happening right in front of media, yet seemingly it’s under their radar. Previously it was reported that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt is coming to the White House on Monday April 3rd.

President al-Sisi’s Monday visit is a huge deal all by itself (more on that later).  However, additionally today the White House announces Sisi’s ideological and regional BFF, Jordan’s King Abdullah III, is arriving on Wednesday.  No coincidences there.

We have continued to express optimism for a confluence of events, people and activity that is happening quietly, and could stun the geo-political world.  The timing is right, because we view these activities through a different prism.  We review against the backdrop of President Obama’s mid-east failure, equitable misery.

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