What Is the Proper Role of Government?

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What Is the Proper Role of Government?

Government is a universal part of the human condition, from village and tribal elders to modern republics with their complex court systems, parliaments, congresses, and codes of law. Along humanity’s long upward climb from the chiefs and elders that presided over even the most primitive bands of aboriginals, government has assumed forms of increasing complexity, reach, and splendor. The ledgers of history are replete with despots petty and great, from local autocrats to the founders of great empires such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Some of these imperial powers — Babylon, Achaemenid Persia, and the various Chinese dynasties, for example — achieved considerable longevity, shored up by sophisticated legal codes and a capacity for ruthless efficiency in enforcing them.

Occasionally, men, moved by the belief that government should not be all-powerful, have tried to frame laws that define and limit the powers of government. Such were the 12 Tables of Roman Law and the English Magna Carta. Such, too, is the U.S. Constitution, which makes explicit the powers delegated by the people and the states to the federal government, with the proviso — spelled out in the 10th Amendment — that all powers not granted to the federal government were to be retained by the people and by the states.

Since the framing of the U.S. Constitution, many other countries have followed the American example in creating written constitutions of their own to define the powers of the state.

Humanity having generally concluded, after millennia of mostly despotic government, that it is better to limit the powers of rulers, elected officials, magistrates, and the like, the question naturally arises: What are the proper limits on government power? In other words, if government is not to be all-powerful and all-encompassing, what are its proper functions?


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"When the people fear the government there is tyranny."

"When the government fears the people there is Liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
The government needs a lot more fear, and the people need a lot less.

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Government Doesn't Fear The People Yet

The career politician machine of Washington has grown so large and out of control, they no longer fear us, they Mick us. They lie, steal and cheat us.
Trump is a breath of fresh air, all the others have been made fools of by him, they spent millions in vain. Trump insulted each of them, and nothing they could do mattered. But, the problem is over the last 40 years the congress has voted themselves fat raises, platinum healthcare and rich retirements. All at our expense, yet when we ask that our problems get solved they can't seem to get anything done. Sure fat contracts get let and politicians seem to get richer, but common issues such as education, healthcare, national security, continue to roll on out of control. Gov agencies get bigger more costly, they demand more money more taxes. The establishment is scared shitless if Trump. The Demo-communist party is out if control, how can congress let a president spend 14 Trillion dollars in 8 years? It is Treason! And should be punishable, impeachment, prison at the least, forfeiture of his personal wealth.
Communism had taken over and so called republicans dance lockstep with them. Time to End Career Politicians, we need statesmen

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The main purpose of government is security

Security is the number one function of government, protecting and enforcing our borders. Second, to ensure fair trade for the citizens and companies of this country.
Third, to take only actions that are in the best interests of the citizens of this nation. Fourth, to remain as small possible and always to operate in a balanced budget except in a time of war.

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about the protection of liberty? Sure, security is Constitutionally mandated but the protection of liberty is as well. This is an important subject because Mr. Trump needs to know the proper role of Govt. as the framers intended it. This is why I advocate that he surrounds himself with a Constitutionally literate cabinet to counterbalance some things he might mistakenly want to undertake. Checks and balances, even in the WH.

In the old days, people protected their own security. Men were men, not these effeminate hapless boobs that delegated their personal security to someone else. Welcome to UFT btw....;) Please excuse the construction debris and tools laying around, I had no idea that Roger was going to tweet out the site as quickly as he did. We wanted a few more days to iron out some wrinkles.
"The 2nd Amendment, the ORIGINAL homeland security."