In Transition -- The Elite vs. The Trump Phenomenon

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In Transition -- The Elite vs. The Trump Phenomenon

Watch "Roger Stone:

This is where the rubber meets the road: I ask the question, what can we do to participate in this process so the transition isn't infested with the same ole, same ole political class of ambitious hack flunky synchophants ... the usual suspects who cannot be part of the solution because they are the problem itself ? 


Team Trump is already filled

Team Trump is already filled with Washington insiders

CNN) -- "To shape his administration, President-elect Donald Trump is drawing squarely from the "swamp" he has pledged to drain.

Trump's transition team is staffed with long-time Washington experts and lobbyists from K Street, think tanks and political offices."


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I'm still optimistic that it won't be  'Same As It Ever Was'   ....


If we all keep our discerning eyes open and heed the call of the wild as we go rampaging in the swamp.  ---




Enquiring Minds Want To Know

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. "

- Mark Twain

Trump's allegory reminds me of that hilarious meme of a year or two back:  "Honey Badger Don't Give A Shit"

[language alert]

[ Is it just me, or does that vignette from the animal kingdom ... narrated in a style emblematic of modern day America ... aptly describe our intrepid comic book hero's Oddessy ? This video clip is loaded with symbolism, and serves as an extended metaphor for many points to be made about Trump, our protagonist, who's epic journey in quest for the White House ... fascinates me.] 

Compare to the video linked at the foot of the article. It's more than just the hairdo. It's attitude, for sure; but let's talk about some of the other symbolism that jump out at you from the Honey Badger's approach to the challenges our wheeler dealer champion -- this marauder among the special interest/party animals -- faces.
( Imagine Joseph Campbell's take on the two similar stories, if you will. )

For the moment let's not concentrate upon Trump’s fetching way with political incorrectness; nor the bitter polarizing name-calling to and fro, to which we've all grown accustom. Predators and prey, venomous back biters, are all around this wild kingdom which is politics. 

Noisesum criticisms leveled at Trump's persona has been daily fare. It's all this UNIFYING talk, together with the article below, that got me thinking. But unifying of party animals ... hmn??

Right now Johnny-come-lately lick spittle party animals, genus republicanus, have begun to sniff and snivel along the campaign trail, and now amble into camp, poking their brown noses under Trump’s big tent flap. To cut to the chase, call it what it is -- they are straggling in to play the sycophant for coattails, rank and role in a post Trump world.

Discerning what to do with obsequious establishment holdovers from the Big Sweep will be one of the key tasks going forward, in my opinion, if a genuine lasting revolution is to be achieved.

The ironic parody in this article I site below is really intrinsic to the article itself. It mimics, in cartoon caricature, an emulation of our populist superhero himself, in style and hyperbole. The conspiracy charge ... well, Trump instinctually has the hide to fend off swarms which buzz hardly distracting misdirection. These little bites don't sting. He himself knows, as we do, Trump’s unflinching open mindedness, and percipient distrust of propaganda psyops just endears him all the more to his base of supporters. We'll leave it to history whether the notions he has little hesitation to articulate will largely be vindicated -- see if digging into vermin holes succeeds in uncovering Truth.

But what of the gullibility charge in the subject hit piece? What about Trump's recent reachout to establishment politicians and their one by one beginning their reach around ? Is our golden boy Trump, and the rebellious movement he's inspired, vulnerable to montebanks standing on carpet bags to pitch more snake oil ?... The effete, elite, old guard charlatans scrambling to infiltrate and be planted -- their best last ditch survival strategy of undermining ... 'can't beat em, join em'... then co-opt and betray ??

The Deep State will not be overthrown without implementing nefarious plans. No doubt as history teaches one such plan will involve conniving chameleons -- opposition from the slithering ranks of the dark and sophositicated, but also from the merely ambitious insinuated suckups looking to say what wherever one wants to hear in order to get a foot in the door. I'm talking about such morally diminuative likes of a Lil' Marco; ... I'm thinking slick political grifters the likes of Glenn Beck or TrusTed, CrusTed Cruz himself. We'll, probably not Beck nor Ted, nor any of these usual suspects, but just as sinister I'm sure, as these unlikely examples, yet perhaps not as recently flamboyant in true color so far this political season ... the likes of 'TheDick' Cheney, for an example ...anyone? ... DICKS and Cheneys of the political jungles and Deep Woods. Mary Matlan at least has the integrity to offer her flag waving opportunism in the direction (or should I say - misdirection) towards the Libertarian's debating society where her mainstreaming damage can be reasonably contained, if not wasted, on the way to being exhausted. So I see mostly false flags among all the supposed white flags, which should cause us to be vigilant.

Trump has announced he is openly soliciting experienced, mainstream politician types -- turncoats, if you believe them ... and why not believe they are willing to sellout in real time since we've seen how comfortable they are with treason, no less. This would mean many overt and subrosa NeverTrumpers for his administration, if we were to take the gesture at face value. Maybe Donald Trump’s theory is he'd rather have them inside his big tent pissing out, than outside, pissing in. I would hope it isn't honcho hubris thinking he can actually ride the tigres while they change their stripes before his very x-ray eyes piercing into their cold gray hearts, as he shouts out 'yuppie cay yay we can' as if breaking broncos with his firm grasp of tail, one hand tied behind his back. My bet is this experienced boss is not really so gullible.

This hit piece article is superficially naive in suggesting in it's upshot that Trump has no executive capacity. I have to believe Trump has the experience to know with what his Open Door policy will have him dealing. I thought I knew HOW he rolls. Now I'm anxious to witness WITH WHOM he's rolling. ( As if I haven't put enough metaphors into the mix: with all this rolling around with these bad breeds let's hope Trump doesn't get up with fleas ... or what definitely would be worse: infested with parasitic poly-ticks ! ).

Let's get back to imperious high brow; or maybe we talk more about the perennial favorite topic of many a Trump fan:  'Conspiracy Theories', shall we? Speaking of 'back', and conspiracies ...

Remember what Ceasar famously learned the hard way about treachery of backstabbers.

"To mask thy monstrous visage? Seek none, conspiracy.
Hide it in smiles and affability."
-- Brutus, Julius Caesar, Act I, scene 2

I'd like to see Trump surrounded, less by the usual cloak and dagger spooks from the Deep State, nor smiling and affable republicrats; rather, at worst, I think it better he face up front opposition, like that represented in the following superficial hit piece. 

Keep the hecklers and protesters out front, Mr Trump, and no closer than the orchestra section. I think we can trust Trump has enough executive acumen to already know he will not find many trustworthy advisors in the ranks of the desparate 'hasbeen' political class.

What sort of arts and crafts do you suppose the man who wrote 'The Art of the Deal' is up to with his announced gesturing in the direction of politicos?


"Donald Trump is too gullible to be president" - Vox:

If more true believers (by this I mean TRUTH Believers) climb on the band wagon and ride along to Trump's Big Top, there may hopefully be less room for performing circus elephant's dropping their steamy piles of agenda.

May I invite we begin the discussion 'bigly' -- Talk among ourselves --   ;-)



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Mnuchin-Hoser Syndrome By Proxie


Mnuchin-Hoser Syndrome By Proxie

Did Donald Trump Just Go Full Establishment?

" ... Trump has begun to surround himself with neocon Republican establishment icons. [ In addition to Goldman/Soros flunky Steve Mnuchin, as Campaign Fundraising Chair  ]As Dan Sanchez explains:
“Trump’s circle now includes such mainstream warmongers as Rudolph Giuliani, Chris Christie, Richard Haass (current president of the Council on Foreign Relations), and Senator Jeff Sessions. Trump has even identified John Bolton, an Iraq War architect and close ally of the neocons, as a ‘go to’ expert for advice on national security.” 


What do you think, will we be dealing like usual with a full Mnuchinian Candidate presenting the entertaining version of the contrived full squid false choice?

Trump Played Giuliani and Christie ...

Trump Played Giuliani and Christie and They Deserve It

NY Daily News - STASI:

"Looks like Donald Trump played Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie like a couple of five dollar hookers who thought he was their ticket out of the gutter only to find themselves back on the mean streets — or seemingly about to be.

And never have two desperate has-been humans been as deserving of getting thrown out of the car as these two.

I told you The Donald was a lot smarter than you/we/they/any of us gave him credit for."