Superb Analysis By Doug Casey Weeks Before Trump Sews Up

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Superb Analysis By Doug Casey Weeks Before Trump Sews Up




"Why is Trump as popular as he is? Two reasons. First, he’s outspoken and politically incorrect. He doesn’t read from a script, like all the others. He says what his supporters are thinking, things that no other public figure is willing to say. Second, he’s not part of the Establishment, the Deep State. He’s the only candidate that’s not a professional politician. These are simple things but extremely important characteristics for this election, which is going to take place during a social and economic hurricane."

[ I include the Zerohedge link to the April 14 article because of the insightful recent contributions from their always clever readership. ] :

"With a little luck, this election will expose both parties as the corrupt machines that they are and destroy them both."


Casey misses the real reason for Trump's popularity. Honesty!

Donald Trump is telling us the truth!  He is not lying to us.  The moment that honesty is not first and foremost in the Trump Movement, he will lose all credibility and will be gone.  Trump does not lie.  Honesty is his biggest weapon against anyone standing in his way.  He is beating people over the head with the brutal truth and winning.  He should never change that strategy.  The truth and nothing but the truth will get to and keep him in the WH.