BOOM! Republicans WITHDRAW RyanCare Bill

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UFT Staff
BOOM! Republicans WITHDRAW RyanCare Bill

Obamacare Repeal Fails (Read the Story!)

To summarize today's latest Congressional rollercoaster, the pundits and the White House were wrong, and the online betting markets were right.

Following a day of drama in Congress yesterday, Friday was another nailbiter until the last moment, and after Trump's Thursday ultimatum failed to yield more "yes" votes, the embattled bill seeking to replace major parts of Obamacare was yanked Friday from the floor of the House.

Get this:   'Trump personally told Washington Post reporter Robert Costa about the move... "We just pulled it," Trump reportedly said to Costa.'  Seriously?  Pres. Trump called the WaPo (not exactly his favorite newspaper) to give them the story?  LMAO!  That Bill was a piece of crap and Trump knows it.  Rather fitting to call WaPo.


Well played, Mr. President!  Looks like Rat Ryan's days as House Speaker are numbered.

In case you missed it: