Donald Trump Wants WHO to be Treasury Secretary?

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UFT Staff
Donald Trump Wants WHO to be Treasury Secretary?

Click here for the answer.  Sure do hope this is just more Clinton campaign b.s.   Still, you have to wonder what Trump's really planning.

To be sure, Hillary Clinton, who in turn has been attacked for her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs (and her public-private positioning for them), also has a high-ranking Goldman official in her ranks, former CFTC commissioner Gary Gensler, who is the former secretary of state’s chief financial officer and whom she is grooming for a potential Treasury Secretary.

But for Trump, a self-professed "anti-establishment" candidate, who has repeatedly stated he is not "for sale to special interest groups", his sudden call for the seemingly most "Wall Street" of Wall-Streeters to become Treasury Secretary may come as a big surprise to some and will leave many of his supporters demanding an explanation.

That Treasury pick warrants a big ugh!

Getting the foxes out of the chicken coop was suppose to be the plan.