The Home Stretch and the Future of UFT

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The Home Stretch and the Future of UFT

The home stretch to what is the question. Are we going to see a candidate for the Presidency actually win against a corrupted and rotten system and hold the criminals accountable, or are we going to see what was planned all along, which is for Hillary to get what she was promised when she stood down for Barry at Bilderberg in 2008? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

 I wanted to take a minute to thank those who have participated in not just the building of UFT but maintaining of it. All of us that were involved in this website are very familiar with how the system is rigged. We watched it happen to our candidate in '08 and '12 with Ron Paul. We had no delusions that this little website was going to sway the election one way or another, but if we could help wake up just a few people to the depth of criminality and possibly inspire them to get involved, then it was a success.

 Thank you to SteveMT, Nonna, SusanneV, Thomas, LibBerte, Liberty Belle, "the mods" and the UFT Staff for continually providing content. Thanks to "wiz" for the graphics, and thank you to everyone who voted for articles and retweeted them. You are all great patriots and people in general, and I am not just proud to have worked with you but to have known you. I wish that I could have you as neighbors and not just friends.

 I'm not sure why there was such little commentary but it certainly wasn't because of any technical glitches. I believe that the nature of Twitter and Facebook is just easier than a discussion forum and that is why Matt Drudge calls them "Internet Ghettos." Our language, music, schools and now internet communication has been dumbed down into 140 character pithy soundbites. It's much easier to just hit the retweet button than it is to grab an interesting article and take the time to post it here. Regardless, it is what it is, and we did what we could with what we had.

 Barring some sort of phenomenal response to this article, UFT will eventually shut down. Some wanted to continue on as "" but I don't have the time or resources to run a permanent website, especially when there are so many others out there, and it is hard to compete with Twitter and FB. By the time you post something here, it has already been tweeted a thousand times elsewhere.

 So as we venture together into the unknown of "Super Tuesday" my hope is that if there is one thing you have learned is that a "Presidential Candidate," even if successful, will not make the changes we need alone. It is going to take an awakening and solidarity on a massive scale to dislodge the parasites that have infested our Govt. and change the direction we are heading.

 If you are reading this and know that you're angry with the situation but you don't really know what has happened to get us to this point and where we are very likely heading, then I suggest you watch this video.

 I'm no fan of "anonymous" as I really don't know who they are or what is behind them, but I believe that the "white hat hackers"  or "transparency assistants" as I like to call them, along with brave whistleblowers in the establishment will be a crucial part in taking our country back (providing it's not too late) They must know that an army of patriotic citizens is there to support and defend their efforts to expose this criminal cabal.

 Former Presidents from the founders to Eisenhower to JFK tried to warn long ago what would happen if we became complacent and allowed "secret societies" and the "media, military, banking, big-agro and pharma industrial complexes" to gain a foothold. Now we see that it has come to fruition with the explosion of cancer, autism, diabetes, debt, weaponizeed propaganda and perpetual warfare being "the new normal."  Our empire and its unsustainable fiat currency are dying and it is beginning to devour itself. Our culture has been destroyed by the filth that has come from the corrupt media and Hollywood and reinforced by the indoctrination centers they call "schools." It will eventually collapse under its own weight, or the rug will be yanked out from beneath it from the entities who created it. I believe that the "deep state" whould rather burn down the White House and nuke a 100 mile radius than relinquish power to those they can't control. Power concedes nothing without a fight.

 So, in closing, I would encourage you to keep learning and keep exposing the lies and the lying liars who got us into this mess in the first place. Make peace with your maker if that is what you believe in, and work to enjoy the little moments with family and friends you may have cultivated over the years. No one knows what tomorrow brings, but if the indicators are correct, then tomorrow may very well bring some rude awakenings. Love yourself, love your neighbor (even if they did unwittingly vote for Hillary) Find common ground and work forward from there. Do not let them divide us, for a divided house cannot stand. We all share a common enemy and form of slavery whether we realize it or not.

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you know... if he wins

this site will be needed to support him in his candidacy. You think the MSM will suddenly "turn over a new leaf" and show him truthfulness???

hahahaahhaha . no. 

He will still need the people backing him in any way they can. 


(would you keep it up if he won ? with that perspective in mind?)



"I predict a Donald Trump Landslide"

My Vote

My Vote

Aldous Huxley, in his 1958 book Brave New World revised, wrote:

"Or take the right to vote. In principle, it is a great privilege. In practice, as recent history has repeatedly shown, the right to vote, by itself, is no guarantee of liberty. Therefore, if you wish to avoid dictatorship by referendum, break up modern society’s merely functional collectives into self-governing, voluntarily co-operating groups, capable of functioning outside the bureaucratic systems of Big Business and Big Government."

The vote (and the unflinching confrontation of a rigged system) has now delivered this opportunity. We can help shake up the consolidated, and thus corrupt, power structure. This isn't the end result. It's the beginning.

Let's follow through to decentralize. Donald Trump will take the lead in draining the swamp but WE must now each take the lead to help decentralize everything, especially government. This is our chance to get our American lives back now that We The People make the point --  Our lives matter.

Jefferson, you created something of great value towards that mission. Keeping The Truth honest was our project. It's now GAME ON !

Let's find a way to monetize this platform so it can go the distance to facilitate the revolution. My vote --  I'm in ...  Let it ride.

I've waited to reply to this post until after the election.

Thank you Jefferson for providing the platform for me to take part in experiencing one of the biggest overthrows of corrupt power in recorded history.  You have provided me with one of the many great opportunities of my lifetime.  I will be eternally grateful to you for that chance, Jefferson.  But make no mistake, what occurred last night was a coup d'etat.  However, this overthrow of power was done legally.  I will hold Donald Trump to what he told us "I will not let you down."  I hope he does not.  This stunning victory was suppose to be with Ron Paul at the helm, not Donald Trump.  Ron could not have successfully completed the mission for financial reasons and because Ron Paul is too nice and too polite of a guy.  The days of Uniting for Trump/Truth may be numbered, but your perseverance in putting this place together and making it work are to be congratulated, Jefferson.  Thank you for making this website happen.