Bernie Will Deliver His Supporters to Hillary

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UFT Staff
Bernie Will Deliver His Supporters to Hillary

Prospect of Trump presidency will drive progressives into Clinton camp

Kurt Nimmo | - April 20, 2016


New York was the last straw for Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton took the primary by 58% and scooped up 139 delegates.

The Sanders campaign cried foul after a series of voting irregularities were discovered and the Board of Elections stripped more than 125,000 Democrat voters from the rolls, but the impression of disenfranchisement will not change the fact that there is no way Sanders can win the nomination.

Following the defeat insiders began urging Sanders to get behind Clinton.

“Will Sanders offer up the olive branch and throw his support to Clinton in the interest of beating Trump? Or will he continue with the increasingly aggressive approach his campaign debuted in the lead-up to New York?” asks Lucia Graves of The Guardian.