Rigged: Clinton Received Debate Questions Week Before Debate, Hand Signals Given to Moderator


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Hillary Clinton RIGGED Debate - Secretly Signals Moderator Lester Holt


Michael Savage Pulled Off 400 Stations After Discussing Hillary’s Health

Top Rated Talk Show Host Michael Savage Pulled Off the Air After Discussing Hillary’s Health

26 September 2016 - Top rated radio talk show host Michael Savage was abruptly pulled off the air on Monday afternoon after launching into a segment on Hillary Clinton’s delicate health. The talker called his abrupt removal an act of “sabotage.”


Donald Trump HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA


Donald Trump HUGE Rally in Roanoke, Virginia (9/24/2016)


Obama to UN: U.S. Must "Accept Constraints" on Sovereignty in Order to Accomplish UN Goals

In order to “to carry this progress forward,” the president said that he is “convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action … binding ourselves to international rules over the long term — enhances our security.”

Next, although not mentioning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by name, Obama warned of the dangers of pursuing an Americanist agenda. Speaking of the need for “global integration,” Obama warned that “aggressive nationalism” and “a crude populism” — a vision promoted by the “far right” — fails to embrace “our common humanity.”

American liberty, says the American president, must be sacrificed on the altar of accomplishing the UN’s goal of one-world government.  http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/foreign-policy/item/24104-obama-to-un-u-s-must-accept-constraints-on-sovereignty-in-order-to-accomplish-un-goals


Hillary Succeeds in Diverting Attention Away From 911 Anniversary

Hillary has to walk about 200 feet, then still has to wait an additional two minutes for her private ambulance to arrive? "She beat them on foot."  Was it all staged as a big distraction on the 15 year anniversary of 911?  The attention was focused on Hillary and away from 911.


Karen Kwiatkowski: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Today, the world is different, America is different, its population far more deplorable, and 15 years of liberal militarism has consumed trillions of productive wealth, added an equal amount of unpayable public debt, re-ignited the heroin trade, and broken most of the countries on the neocon hit list.  Now the Republican candidate for the first time in a hundred years sounds like he actually likes the idea of an American republic.  A republican candidate who expects other countries to pay their own way, and who refuses to have her serve as the world’s policewoman.  It’s what the majority of Americans want to hear, and they are hearing it from Trump.  He, and they have rejected the neocon agenda and gameplan, and they are also rejecting the bill that is still coming due for the disastrous insanity put into play during the last two administrations.

That is, up until the tragic and terrifying appointment of Woolsey as a security advisor.

It is a time for us, and we are millions, to be aware that the subversive and deadly bureaucratic federal government we enjoy in this country is not going away.  This gang of thieves, faced with growing public condemnation, doubles down on gains it can make while paying lip service to the livestock it milks and slaughters.  Click for the Full Article


Donald Trump Rally in Miami, FL; "Welcome to All of You Deplorables"


 Donald Trump Rally in Miami, Florida (9/16/2016)


Donald Trump Speech at NY Economic Club


Advance to 25:00 for Trump speech

Donald Trump & Mike Pence Speech at the Economic Club of New York 9/15/16 


Tyranny on Display: U.S. Congress Subpoenas FBI for Clinton Emails

Congressman Lynch: This is a sad goddamn day.  

U.S. Congress subpoenas FBI for Clinton Emails on the SPOT


Donald Trump Rally in Asheville, NC


Trump segment begins @22:00 

Donald Trump Rally in Asheville, NC 9/12/16.   


Mysterious object falls from Clinton's pant leg


A guess is that it is part of a leg brace used for stabilization.  The clamp (if that is what it is) falls off, then she loses her balance completly, as if that "clamp" was providing stability for her.  


Clinton Versus Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement

Brandon Smith:

"The greatest threat to our movement will be if we centralize and fall in line behind one man or one mainstream organization. In our fervor to defeat Hillary Clinton, who is admittedly a despicable person, will we find ourselves willingly blind to any trespasses by Trump? Imagine for a moment that the elites do indeed crash our financial system with Trump in office; will we still hold Trump accountable to the same constitutional standards as we would a president under non-crisis conditions?

...  If Trump as president responds to a crisis with martial law or other unconstitutional abuses, will we make excuses for him because we WANT to believe he is anti-establishment, or will we stand against him as we would Hillary Clinton?"


" ... far more important ... is the continued independence and vitality of the liberty movement... The only way it can be co-opted is if we allow it. "


The Race for President is (Probably) Over


By Scott Adams (Dilbert) Posted September 11th, 2016 @ 10:58am - 

If you are following breaking news, Hillary Clinton abruptly left the 9-11 memorial today because she was reportedly “overheated.” Her campaign says she is fine now.

You probably wonder if the “overheated” explanation is true – and a non-issue as reported – or an indication of a larger medical condition. I’m blogging to tell you it doesn’t matter. The result is the same.  Here’s why.


House Freedom Caucus Eyeing Biggest Power Play Since Pushing Out Boehner as Speaker


The group of conservative agitators might try to claim the chairmanship of the largest GOP group on Capitol Hill.

Members of the group of far-right agitators are considering a plan to run one of their own as a candidate for the Republican Study Committee chairmanship this fall in a bid to push the conservative group further to the right.

Seizing control of the RSC would be the latest show of clout for the group of about 40 conservatives, which in its mere two-year existence has upended the House Republican Conference and infuriated GOP leaders with its no-holds-barred legislative tactics.

Several caucus members in recent days have threatened to leave the RSC, criticizing the group as a puppet of House Republican leadership that no longer stands for conservative values. The RSC, now comprised of nearly 180 members, had long been regarded as the leading group in the House for staunch conservatives.

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Donald Trump Rally in Pensacola, FL


Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Pensacola, Florida (September 9, 2016)



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