The Eight Marks of Fascist Policy by Lew Rockwell

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The Eight Marks of Fascist Policy by Lew Rockwell

08/26/2016 - The most definitive study on fascism written in these years was As We Go Marching by John T. Flynn. Flynn was a journalist and scholar of a liberal spirit who had written a number of best-selling books in the 1920s. It was the New Deal that changed him. His colleagues all followed FDR into fascism, while Flynn himself kept the old faith. That meant that he fought FDR every step of the way, and not only his domestic plans. Flynn was a leader of the America First movement that saw FDR’s drive to war as nothing but an extension of the New Deal, which it certainly was.

1. The government is totalitarian because it acknowledges no restraint on its powers.

2. Government is a de facto dictatorship based on the leadership principle.

3. Government administers a capitalist system with an immense bureaucracy.

4. Producers are organized into cartels in the way of syndicalism.

5. Economic planning is based on the principle of autarky.

6. Government sustains economic life through spending and borrowing.

7. Militarism is a mainstay of government spending.

8. Military spending has imperialist aims.

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