Trump Fans Float Rand Paul As Their Top VP Pick

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Trump Fans Float Rand Paul As Their Top VP Pick



Trump Fans Float Rand Paul As Their Top VP Pick

Trump supporters on Reddit are avidly discussing who Donald's running mate should be, and the winner is a familiar face

By Jacob Steinblatt May 05, 2016

Now that Donald Trump’s two main opponents are out of the way, the conversation is shifting to who his running mate will be. And, as ever, the good people of Reddit have it all figured out.

Supporters of Donald Trump launched into a massive discussion on the Donald Trump subreddit, /r/the_donald, after Tuesday’s primary. And a Vocativ analysis of the over 4,300 comments reveals that Trump fans are most ready for joint ticket with Rand Paul.

Users participating in the thread, which was tagged as a serious discussion, mentioned Rand Paul more than any other potential candidate, a total of 295 times. Users cited his ability to court the Libertarian electorate, and his foreign policy views as key reasons.



Beltway Libertarians Snipe At Rand's Trump Endorsement


Reason article uses libertarian talking points to gripe that Rand will not throw in with GOP establishment: 

Unhinged and unbalanced treatment of a revolutionary  moment.

Was Romney any closer to libertarian issues than Donald Trump?

Romney is orders of magnitude further away from Liberty than Donald Trump, imo.  Rand should endorse Trump asap.  Why wait any longer?  Rand is all ready behind the likes of Dick Cheney and Rick Perry in their Trump endorsements.  Rand would be also going against the establishment GOP elites in the process, something he should be doing a lot more of these days.