BOMBSHELL: Think Elections can't be "rigged?" Think again.

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UFT Staff
BOMBSHELL: Think Elections can't be "rigged?" Think again.


 Why waste time hacking the individual machines as CNN and Fox have already shown? When you control the Central  Tabulation Software you control the election, right down to the smallest of County Elections. This is nothing new. Joseph Stalin, (guy who killed roughly 40 million of his own people) is quoted saying "those that cast the vote decide nothing, those who count the vote decide everything."  You'd think that these supposed "news" organisations would be doing some actual investigative reporting, but anyone who has been paying attention to the MSM now realizes that their job is perception management, not informing you or keeping Government and corporations in check.

Bev Harris, a long time patriot and award winning researcher of electronic voting fraud has just come out with a video showing how they STEAL your vote. Harris has a free book out called "Black Box Voting" and was responsible for the Emmy Award winning show on HBO called "Hacking Democracy." And, while this video may be over most peoples' heads technically speaking, it does provide a look into the methods and offers some solutions. We wish we had more answers than arrest all involved and let them start ratting each other out, but for now, just knowing there is a problem is the first step to fixing it.