A Nervous Trump Heads To The Capitol Again As 27 Health Plan Holdouts Remain

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A Nervous Trump Heads To The Capitol Again As 27 Health Plan Holdouts Remain

It was 17 yesterday morning, 25 by the close of the day, and now 27 Republicans are opposing (or leaning strongly against) the GOP healthcare plan.

It appears President Trump's "threats" yesterday - which Paul Ryan dismissed using the "he was just kidding" excuse - appears to have failed.


On Washington's political scoresheet, though, the real story is the willingness of Meadows, the Freedom Caucus chairman, to stand up and oppose what can only be described as a bad, bad bill.

See:  http://www.unitingfortrump.com/uft-liberty-forum/obamacare-repeal-or-obamacare-20 and this: 



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Rand Paul: ‘Easily 35 No Votes’ Against Paul Ryan’s...

Obamacare 2.0. 'I would predict they would pull bill, start over'

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News exclusively on Tuesday afternoon that he expects House Speaker Paul Ryan will be forced to pull the American Health Care Act (AHCA) before a scheduled Thursday vote because Ryan will not get the votes to pass legislation.

The AHCA has been dubbed “Obamacare Lite” by Paul — a leading conservative critic of the plan — and by other conservatives as “RyanCare,” “RINO-Care,” and “Obamacare 2.0,” since the bill does not actually fully repeal Obamacare and keeps many of the main structures that the now-former President Barack Obama installed in the healthcare system. It has come under intense scrutiny from both sides of the Republican Party — moderates and conservatives are lining up against the bill — and Ryan, despite publicly projecting confidence, cannot find the necessary 216 votes to pass the legislation.

Paul, one of the leading senators out of more than a dozen Republicans in the upper chamber criticizing the bill there, told Breitbart News in this exclusive interview he believes there are at least 35 House Republicans ready to vote against the bill in its current form. And he predicted that, unless some major changes come to the legislation between now and the scheduled vote on Thursday, Ryan will need to withdraw the bill and Republicans will have to start from scratch with a new bill and a new strategy on Obamacare.

More here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/03/21/exclusive-rand-paul-easily-35-no-votes-paul-ryans-obamacare-2-0-predict-pull-bill-start/


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