Journalist Snowflakes

Triggered journalists from across the nation are bemoaning the treatment members of the press are receiving at Trump campaign rallies from the Trump supporters the press routinely misrepresents as ignorant racists, facists Nazis, or disenchanted working whites.

With increasing regularity, these journalist snowflakes are “reporting” their victimization at the hands Trump supporters who chant mean things like, “CNN sucks” and call them names like “presstitutes.”

After an exhaustive search, this Breitbart reporter could find exactly zero incidences of members of the media being physically attacked or assaulted at Trump rallies. None of this has stopped the misleading characterization of Trump supporters creating a “menacing” and “dangerous” environment for these special snowflakes.

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Did Hillary get yet another Child Sex Predator Immunity?


Former Norton CEO and Symantec board member admits having sex with teenagers; Did Hillary Clinton help him get immunity?

Steve Morgan, Editor-In-Chief @ Cybersecurity Ventures

Ronald Posner, 74, recently testified at a preliminary hearing under immunity and admitted having sex with two 15-year-old African American girls. Posner was previously CEO at Peter Norton Computing Inc., the security and backup software company which was acquired by Symantec in 1990. Gordon Eubanks, then President and CEO at Symantec, said at the time that Posner would be named to the board of Symantec, according to a Computerworld article.

Peter Norton was a pioneering software developer, author of numerous how-to books on programming and other tech topics including security, and founder of his namesake firm Peter Norton Computing. Norton started up his firm in 1982, and in 1989 he named Ronald Posner CEO, according to a New York Times article. Now a philanthropist, Norton is reportedly one of the world’s top 200 art collectors.

Posner, a Harvard MBA and Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute grad, who was CEO at several early PC software companies including Wordstar and Borland, joined the board of SECNAP Network Security in November, 2012. The SECNAP CloudJacket security device was purchased and installed by HIllary Clinton’s technology consultants in late 2013.

In 1994, Hillary Rodham Clinton visited with Peter Norton and his wife at their Santa Monica, Calif. villa, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times.



Young Americans Are Dumb


Walter E. Williams shares stats showing high dolt factor among college-age people

Do you wonder why Sen. Bernie Sanders and his ideas are so popular among American college students? The answer is that they, like so many other young people who think they know it all, are really uninformed and ignorant. You say, “Williams, how dare you say that?! We’ve mortgaged our home to send our children to college.” Let’s start with the 2006 geographic literacy survey of youngsters between 18 and 24 years of age by National Geographic and Roper Public Affairs.

Less than half could identify New York and Ohio on a U.S. map. Sixty percent could not find Iraq or Saudi Arabia on a map of the Middle East, and three-quarters could not find Iran or Israel. In fact, 44 percent could not locate even one of those four countries. Youngsters who had taken a geography class didn’t fare much better. By the way, when I attended elementary school, during the 1940s, we were given blank U.S. maps, and our assignment was to write in the states. Today such an assignment might be deemed oppressive, if not racist.

According to a Philadelphia magazine article, the percentage of college grads who can read and interpret a food label has fallen from 40 to 30. They are six times likelier to know who won “American Idol” than they are to know the name of the speaker of the House. A high-school teacher in California handed out an assignment that required students to use a ruler. Not a single student knew how.


Michael Moore: Trump’s Election Will be the Biggest “F**k You” in History

His voters will "get to blow up the whole God damn system"

- October 25, 2016

During a speech for his new one-man stage performance Trumpland, Michael Moore remarked that the election of Donald Trump will be the “biggest f**k you in history” to the elites that have ruined the lives of middle class Americans. [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]

Continued @ InfoWars


Cold Anger

The Corporate U.S. Media Has Weaponized Against US…

Donald Trump’s supporters are angry“, or “uneducated”, or “unenlightened”, or (Fill_In_The_Blank).  So goes the latest round of media talking points as the election draws near.

Meanwhile, don’t pay attention to that 25% increase in ObamaCare premiums you just received… look away,… look away… The corporate media narrative controllers are fully engaged.

The gaslighting is extreme as the same entities utilize their microphones in a brutal attempt to create a self fulfilling prophecy.  In essence, what they are really trying to save is themselves.  However, the reality disconnect only solidifies their irrelevance.

At this point, anyone still trying to convince us this entire assembly of our union is headed in the right direction, well, they might want to revisit their proximity to the 2016 election ballpark. Because they’re not just out of the city – they’re also out of the same state the election ballpark is located in….. But then again, the media know that.

However, there’s a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior, it’s called Cold Anger.

Cold Anger does not need to go to violence. For those who carry it, no conversation is needed when we meet. You cannot poll or measure it specifically because most who carry it avoid discussion. And that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of correctness.

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Donald Trump Rallies in St. Augustine & Tampa, FL


Advance to 50:00 for Trump speech and 57:00 for latest Hillary crimes.

Donald Trump Rally in St. Augustine, Florida (10/24/2016)


Project Veritas Part III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Personally Involved


Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Personally Involved


Donald Trump's Powerful Message to The New World Order !!!


only 5 min ---Watch this video--Send it to everyone !!


Clinton Body Count- Prepare to Have Your Mind BLOWN!


Clinton Body Count- Prepare to Have Your Mind BLOWN! (pdf link below)


Donald Trump In Gettysburg, PA Outlines First 100 Days In Office


100 day Plan begins @16:00

Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech In Gettysburg, PA (10/22/2016) First 100 Day Plan


Eric Margolis on Khadaffi and why he was murdered

“We came, we saw…he died” boasted a beaming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, speaking of the 2011 western overthrow of Libya’s leader Muammar Khadaffi.

Excerpt:   Khadaffi led me by the hand through the ruined building, asking me “why Mr. Eric, did the Americans try to kill me?”  I explained to him: his support of the Palestinians, Nelson Mandela, the Irish Republican Army, and Basque separatists.   For Khadaffi, they were all legitimate freedom fighters.  I rebuked him for not backing the Afghan mujahadin then fighting Soviet occupation who were real freedom fighters.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Khadaffi’s grisly death. 


The Bottom Line


You’ve Got It All Wrong About Donald Trump  

America doesn’t need a perfect President, it needs a President who will adhere to the Constitution, eliminate fraud and increase jobs and incomes of Americans.  America needs a President who will stand up to a Congress that is a completely bought-and-paid-for branch of government.  Is that man Donald Trump?  It certainly isn’t his opponent.


Donald Trump Rocking in Johnstown, PA


Donald Trump Holds Rally in Johnstown, PA 10/21/16


WikiLeaks Bombshell: ‘There Is No US Election’

October 21, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry

The whistleblowing organization also released Barack Obama's personal emails, showing that President Bush organized his transition to the highest office in the land before the 2008 election.

WikiLeaks say the US election for the President of the United States is rigged. According to Julian Assange Presidents are selected, not elected.

WikiLeaks couldn’t have made it clearer in a series of tweets on Thursday – the US election for the President of the United States is rigged. The establishment have selected their President and by hook or crook she will be “elected.”

Responding to allegations that WikiLeaks recent leaks have outed it as playing partisan politics, WikiLeaks fired back, “You are not a fan of publishing true information about corrupt ruling power factions who will take power on Jan 20?

Considering what we now know about the behind-the-scenes rigging of the Democratic primary, the collusion between the DNC establishment and mainstream media, and the fact Hillary Clinton pushed for Donald Trump’s GOP nomination, can you possibly disagree?




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