The “Deplorables” - Who We Are And What We Want

Brandon Smith hits another one out of the park:

In numerous articles over the past several years I have made observations on a rule of life that I strictly adhere to: that all social conflicts can be boiled down to the reality of two opposing groups — those people who want to control the lives of others, and those people who simply want to be left alone. 

The mainstream media and establishment institutions focused on propaganda will tell you that there are hundreds or thousands of dangerous cultural enclaves and ideologies out there that you should fear.  They will tell tales of rage and suspicion between the rich and the poor, haves and have-nots, whites and blacks, gays and straights, academics and working class, believers and atheists, Muslims and Christians, Republicans and Democrats, Eastern nations and Western nations, etc.  The establishment relies on these divisions as a rationale for the homogenization of cultures — they argue that if we erase borders, religion and sovereignty while enforcing multiculturalism and wealth redistribution, then these groups will have no reason to fight anymore and a Utopian fever orgy will be our inevitable reward.  Yes, it sounds quite magical.

That said, I don’t hold any claims against any of these groups per se, as long as they respect my inherent and individual freedoms.  If they are determined to impose their ideology on me through force, that is another matter entirely.


Voting for Trump? Wear RED to the Polling Station!


'This is a grassroots movement to STOP and/or EXPOSE leftist voter fraud'

“Here is an idea (now becoming a MOVEMENT!) to counteract voter fraud on election day: We are asking that everyone who intends to vote for Donald Trump should wear red when they go to the polls.”

Pastor Carl Gallups explained: “That way, if everyone there sees (let’s say) 80 percent of the people in attendance wearing red and the vote (magically and mystically) comes out in Hillary’s favor, the whole world will know there were evil shenanigans going on. We’ll have the proof of HOW people voted! WEAR RED ON VOTING DAY!”

“Use every social network avenue you have to get this word out! Copy and paste the words of THIS article into emails, your blogs, Facebook, etc. Make YouTube videos and whatever else you can think of. There is no copyright claim on this article. This is a grassroots movement to STOP and/or EXPOSE leftist voter fraud in the upcoming presidential election!”


Michael Savage Pulled Off 400 Stations After Discussing Hillary’s Health

Top Rated Talk Show Host Michael Savage Pulled Off the Air After Discussing Hillary’s Health

26 September 2016 - Top rated radio talk show host Michael Savage was abruptly pulled off the air on Monday afternoon after launching into a segment on Hillary Clinton’s delicate health. The talker called his abrupt removal an act of “sabotage.”


Trump Leads Global Poll with 75% of Vote – Saudia Arabia, Iran, Pakistan go to Clinton


Despite the massive amount of negative press at home and abroad Donald Trump leads Hillary 75% to 25% in a global poll of 149,003 voters.

41 Days Left to Vote in this "global poll".  Click on the link above to vote.


Donald Trump HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA


Donald Trump HUGE Rally in Roanoke, Virginia (9/24/2016)


Why is Matt Drudge Ignoring Hillary’s Watergate? #Stonetear


We at Total Frat Forum love the Drudge Report. We check it at least ten times per day. It is how we get our news.With that disclaimer out of the way, we are bewildered that Mr. Drudge has not mentioned the fact that a Smoking Gun that could convict Hillary Clinton was discovered and written about over three days ago.
Companion article:


Obama to UN: U.S. Must "Accept Constraints" on Sovereignty in Order to Accomplish UN Goals

In order to “to carry this progress forward,” the president said that he is “convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action … binding ourselves to international rules over the long term — enhances our security.”

Next, although not mentioning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by name, Obama warned of the dangers of pursuing an Americanist agenda. Speaking of the need for “global integration,” Obama warned that “aggressive nationalism” and “a crude populism” — a vision promoted by the “far right” — fails to embrace “our common humanity.”

American liberty, says the American president, must be sacrificed on the altar of accomplishing the UN’s goal of one-world government.


Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Fifth Amendment & Due Process


 Due Process Is Vital to Freedom

I have often argued that it is in times of fear — whether generated by outside forces or by the government itself — when we need to be most vigilant about protecting our liberties. I make this argument because when people are afraid, it is human nature for them to accept curtailment of their liberties — whether it be speech or travel or privacy or due process — if they become convinced that the curtailment will keep them safe. But these liberties are natural rights, integral to all rational people and not subject to the government’s whim.

I can sacrifice my liberties, and you can sacrifice yours, but I cannot sacrifice yours; neither can a majority in Congress sacrifice yours or mine.

The loss of liberty gives folks the false impression that the government is doing something — anything — to keep us safe. That impression is a false one because, in fact, it is making us less safe since a government intent on monitoring our every move and communication loses sight of the moves and communications of the bad guys. As well, liberty lost is rarely returned. The Patriot Act, which permits federal agents to bypass the courts and issue their own search warrants, has had three sunsets since 2001, only to be re-enacted just prior to the onset of each — and re-enacted in a more oppressive version, giving the government more power to interfere with liberty, and for a longer period of time each time. 


Donald Trump Rally in Toledo, Ohio 9/21/2016



Breaking: Reddit Users Break HUGE Clinton Email Story


Proving Hillary ORDERED Emails to Be Stripped

This exchange took place on Reddit and involves Paul Combetta, an employee with Platte River Networks, the company in charge of Hillary Clinton’s home server.

Combetta was the employee who deleted all of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

According users on Reddit, Combetta asked for assistance in July 2014 from Reddit users on how to purge emails and how to strip VIP’s email address from “a bunch of archived emails.”


Oliver Stone's American History:

'We Are Not Under Threat. We Are the Threat'

“When I studied the untold history, one thing that really hit me hard was the history of our involvement in the Middle East,” Stone said.

“It was a nefarious involvement.”

Stone traces Washington’s hand in the region back to the 1930s, but he says it reached a peak when President George HW Bush sent hundreds of thousands of US troops to liberate Kuwait after the Iraqi invasion of 1990.


Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Colorado Springs, CO


Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Colorado Springs, CO 9/17/16


Donald Trump Continues to Play the Media


Trump Fools the Mainstream Media




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